comfort air n95 respirator

Introducing Comfort-Air®NxMD Elastomeric rubber Reusable Respirator WITHOUT an exhalation valve:

  • More comfortable than disposable masks.
  • Two-way filtration when you breathe in and out.
  • Two sizes.
  • NIOSH approved N95 or P100 filters.
  • Protects the patient and HCP.
  • Airtight seal.
  • Safer, you can conduct a seal check each time.
  • 8 point adjust harness, no earloops, no discomfort.
  • White allows you to write your name or a compassionate message.
  • Plastic filter housing and masks can be disinfected between patient interaction.
  • Filters can be replaced reducing waste versus disposable style respirators.
  • Cost savings short and long term.
  • Will not fog glasses.
  • Fits under medical style faceshields.
  • Compact design reduces interference with other medical equipment during patient interaction.

Typically, the concern on medical calls is keeping the responder safe from exposure to the patient.  With COVID-19, there is the additional challenge of keeping the patient safe from potential exposer to the firefighter.  Usually a disposable mask would offer this two-way protection from airborne viruses, but supplies are limited and replacements have become expensive. 

To answer the call for a safe, reusable solution one Canadian company completely re-tooled their design, fast-tracked NIOSH approval and have patented a brand new mask that does not have an exhalation value.  The result is a cost effective, reusable mask that filters the air coming in and out - Making it safe for you and the patient.

This product can be fit tested!