Comfort Air Half Mask Respirator with P100 Filtered Exhalation - White

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  • Includes Elastomeric Rubber Half Mask
  • Patented Filtered exhalation
  • 2 x P100 Filter Cartridges
  • 8-point adjustment suspension

COVID-19 has been unlike any pandemic our generation has experienced. It affected not only our health but our supply of critical PPE and most importantly respirators. Due to north America’s dependency on foreign supply of disposable N95 respirators, many workers contracted the virus and died as a result. CDC reported not to use respirator protection with an exhalation valve as it allows the air to exit the mask.

Our goal was to develop a respirator that was reusable, safer, more comfortable, and more economical than disposable respirators. We developed the Comfort-Air®Nx Series - a reusable elastomeric rubber respirator without an exhalation valve.

Comfort-Air®Nx Series respirators can be used in healthcare applications as well as general industry or wherever a group of workers of any type must work in close proximity.

This mask is manufactured and assembled in our Canadian owned factory located in Lenexa, Kansas.


  • No exhalation valve – two-way filtration protecting the patient and the healthcare worker or co-workers other than healthcare applications.
  • Prevents contamination of product that is being manufactured; pharmaceutical, food processing, etc.
  • You can identify at-a-glance who is wearing a respirator without an exhalation valve.
  • Compact design reduces interference with other medical equipment.
  • Excellent visibility in all directions.
  • N95 & P100 replacement filters.
  • N95 has unique filter cover/ holder can be disinfected and reused or disposed.
  • User cannot touch filter material.
  • Two sizes,
  • Airtight seal,
  • Can conduct seal check each time you don the mask.


  • Less heat build-up inside the mask versus disposable respirators.
  • Unique elastomeric rubber formulation is soft to the skin yet durable.
  • Two sizes ensure the worker is properly fitted and comfortable.
  • 8-point adjustment suspension allows user to obtain a proper and comfortable fit with ponytails or hair buns worn under bouffant covers.


  • Low profile facepiece occupies less of the face while providing greater comfort.
  • Compact shape and cartridges reduce possibility of interference with other medical equipment during patient care.
  • Cartridges can be adjusted into 3 different positions – improves visibility & fits under faceshields.
  • Will not fog glasses or goggles.
  • Replacement parts.
  • Reduced filter replacement - less waste.
  • Reduces consumption costs dramatically.


  • Identifies the respirator for medical use.
  • Easy to see dirt and other markings to simplify the cleaning and disinfecting process.
  • User can put their name on it to show it belongs to them.
  • Show compassion to patients under the physical and emotional stress of dealing with the virus.
  • Writing your name on the mask identifying who you are to the patient.
  • A caring message reassuring the patient you are concerned and care for them.
  • Something funny to try and brighten up their situation.
  • Try and comfort children with a funny face, smile or another.