Workrite Nomex IIIA Stationwear


Workrite NFPA 1975 Stationwear

Nothing can ruin a uniform quite like wrinkles.  To keep their Nomex stationwear looking neat, Workrite garments undergo a process called Autoclaving - a combination of steam, heat and pressure inside of a specialized chamber.  This process is typically used for sterilization but Workrite applied these principals and developed an autoclaving process to permanently press their Nomex Stationwear. The result?  An FR uniform that won't wrinkle!  

Workrite Autoclaving Process:

  • After manufacturing, Workrite Stationwear garments are ironed and pressed to look their best.
  • Freshly pressed garments are placed in a large chamber and steam, heat and pressure are applied.
  • Once dry, these garments are ready to wear and will not wrinkle, no matter what happens.

The autoclaving process is unique to Workrite and no other Stationwear garment will offer the resilience and wrinkle free look of a Workrite Uniform.

Nomex IIIa

The Nomex name has been around for ages and is the backbone of the FR clothing industry.  It's comfortable to wear, stands up to harsh conditions and can be woven into different variations or weights.  Workrite took advantage of this in developing their proprietary weave used in their NFPA 1975 Stationwear Uniforms.  

Workrite's proprietary weave of Nomex IIIa was developed to work with the Autoclaving process to help lock in that freshly pressed look.  No other manufacturer can offer you this same assurance their uniforms won't wrinkle.

To keep your department looking good (and safe) - Choose Workrite!


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