ICETRED Full Sole Traction Device (FSTD)

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  • Increase traction to help prevent slips and falls on snow and ice.
  • Reducing the risk of possible pulled muscle, fractures and back problems caused by a quick slip or fall.
  • Unique rubber formulation makes the FSTD more pliable and rugged.
  • Conforms to all footwear styles providing a custom type fit.
  • Extra wide toe cap webbing is easy to stretch over virtually all footwear styles and are very difficult to tear.
  • Provides a secure fit and prevents roll-out.
  • Wide side straps connecting the toe cap to the heel pad ensures a secure fit on all styles of footwear.
  • Easy to stretch over virtually all footwear styles.
  • Incredibly difficult to tear.
  • Six strategically positioned tungsten carbide spikes ensures the best possible traction on ice under the ball of the foot and the heel pad.
  • Provides excellent comfort underfoot…. You hardly feel the spike through the sole of the footwear.
  • Made of durable natural rubber that is incredibly tough but maintains its flexibility in extreme temperatures.
  • Rubber traction studs provide excellent traction when walking on snow.
  • Available size: small, medium, large & extra large.