PGI Cobra BarriAire Gold - Critical Style 3979471-1

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BarriAire Gold – Critical Particulate Coverage to the base of the neck, around entire hood. All critical areas of particulate penetration as identified by NFPA have particulate barrier. Blocks more than 90% of particulates 1 micron in size Superior Comfort – Increased Protection – Maximum Durability

  • Outer layer: PGI proprietary gold FR fabric
  • Inner layer: ultra-lightweight, DuPont™ Nomex® Nano-Flex fabric Inhibits penetration of harmful particles from asbestos, drywall and soot Won’t compromise the firefighter’s ability to communicate within their surroundings
  • PGI’s Proprietary Fabric

  • Where you see quilting is where the Particulate Barrier is enclosed

  • Blocks 90% or more of particulate 1 micron or smaller

  • Excellent flame and thermal resistance.

  • Exceptional breathability

  • Inside of fabric wicks moisture from skin through fabric to outer shell where it can evaporate keeping the wearer dry and comfortable.

  • Outer shell has DWR finish which reduces the build-up of toxic residue that can easily be absorbed by non-treated fabric and enhances the release of contaminates in the wash cycle.  Additionally, the DWR finish enables the hood to dry 2 to 3 times faster than non-treated fabric

  • Lightweight – weighs about the same as hoods without a Particulate Barrier.

  • Fabric has a soft hand and is hypoallergenic making it comfortable against the skin.

  • Unlike some Particulate Barrier hoods, PGI’s BarriAire™ Gold hoods have just enough stretch and recovery to allow it to conform well to the head and neck and allow us to make one size fits all sizing

  • Attractive gold color allows you to see when the hood’s soiled and in need of cleaning.

  • Fabric has excellent tensile and tear strength for long wear life

  • Generous cut with a little “ease” built into the design so the hood doesn’t fit skin tight.  This creates a layer of air between the hood and head which improves thermal resistance from flame and heat

  • All sewing and quilting done with CRAQ SPUN AR Meta Aramid thread

  • Extra-long length (23”) front and back makes sure hood stays tucked-in even after laundering shrinkage