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G-Xtreme® Jacket

The world’s most advanced turnout gear just keeps getting better. Built to move the way the human body moves — without restriction — by providing a tailored, less bulky fit with added length and fullness where the body bends. Its patented AXTION® Back and AXTION® Sleeve let you make all the right moves. And now G-XTREME® comes in SHAPES to fit your body like never before.

Product Features

CONTOURED SLEEVES ergonomically curved to work with you — not against you.

CONTOURED COLLAR maintains ergonomic shape when flipped up or folded down.

EXPANSION CARGO/HANDWARMER POCKETS reinforced with KEVLAR® fabric inside and NOMEX® fleece behind.

GENEROUS LINER POCKET lined with moisture barrier.

DOUBLE-STITCHED SEAMS with 8–10 stitches per inch for a longer service life.

TRIMTRAX® THREAD PROTECTION with patented Kevlar cording lasts far longer than conventional stitching.

Your choice of MATERIALS: Outer Shells, Moisture Barriers, Thermal Barriers, Reinforcements, Reflective Trim and Lettering.

Your choice of OPTIONS: Closures, Radio Pockets, Accessory Pockets, Holders/Clips/Straps, Patches/Flags/Embroidery, Knit Wristers, Sleeve Wells, Reinforcements, Thermal Enhancements and Letter Patches.

Your choice of SIZES: Chest, , Shape and Sleeve in both Men’s and Women’s patterns.

UL certified to NFPA 1971 (Structural Fire Fighting).

Also available in Proximity.