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Classix Jacket

TRIMTRAX® THREAD PROTECTION with patented cording lasts far longer than conventional stitching.

Product Features

Contoured 2-Piece Collar for better shape flipped up or laying down with attached throat tab.

Contoured Sleeves ergonomically curved to work with you – not against you.

Double Sleeve Wells to keep water out and interface with all glove styles.

Liner Access Opening is oversized for easy access between the layers.

Double-Stitched Seams with 8–10 stitches per inch for longer service life.

Your choice of MATERIALS: Outer Shells, Moisture Barriers, Thermal Barriers, Reinforcements, Reflective Trim and Lettering.

Your choice of OPTIONS: Closures, Radio Pockets, Accessory Pockets, Holders/Clips/Straps, Patches/Flags/Embroidery, Knit Wristers, Sleeve Wells, Reinforcements, Thermal Enhancements and Letter Patches.

Your choice of SIZES: Chest, Length and Sleeve in both Men’s and Women’s patterns.


More Information

For more information about the Classix Jacket or to place an order, please contact SAFEDESIGN APPAREL INC. directly at 1.877.253.9122