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Cairns® had its beginnings with the invention of the first American fire helmet by a volunteer firefighter in New York City in 1836. Now part of the Globe family of brands, the Globe Cairns Series continues this traditional of innovation today.

Cairns1010TraditionalCompositeFireHelmet2 Cairns® 1010 Traditional Composite Fire Helmet
Cairns1044TraditionalCompositeFireHelmet Cairns® 1044 Traditional Composite Fire Helmet
DefenderVisorforCairns660CMetroandInvader664FireHelmets_ Cairns® 660C Metro™ Composite Fire Helmet
Cairns880TraditionalThermoplasticFireHelmet Cairns® 880 Traditional Thermoplastic Fire Helmet
CairnsHP3CommandoCompositeFireHelmet Cairns® HP3 Commando™ Composite Fire Helmet
CairnsInvader664CompositeFireHelmet_ Cairns® Invader 664 Composite Fire Helmet
CairnsN5ANewYorkerLeatherFireHelmet Cairns® N5A New Yorker Leather Fire Helmet
CairnsN6AHoustonLeatherFireHelmet Cairns® N6A Houston™ Leather Fire Helmet
Cairns360StructuralThermoplasticFireHelmet Cairns® Rescue 360R Fire Helmet
CairnsRescue360R-13FireHelmet_ Cairns® Rescue 360R-13 Fire Helmet
Cairns660CMetroCompositeFireHelmet Defender® Visor with Cairns 660C Metro and Invader 664 Fire Helmets

Custom Fronts

The beginning step in the process of building a shield is to select a shield style. Choose your helmet make and model and click GET SHIELDS to show the available shields for your helmet. Please refer to the FAQ for any questions you might have. Click on a shield style to BUILD IT. Custom shields will take approx. 2-3 weeks to manufacture and ship. Leather front orders for three (3) or less will be shipped via US mail. Orders for four (4) or more, or if express shipping options are selected, will ship via UPS. Please select the correct shipping address based on quantity or shipping preferences during checkout.

Cairns-Leather-and-gold-leaf-fronts Cairns® Fire Helmet Fronts
100771X-defendervisor_group_1 Defender® Visor with Cairns 1010 and 1044 Traditional Fire Helmets