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With a unique cushioned and contoured sole and athletic footwear construction, Globe boots are flexible like your feet, grip like no other, and feel broken in right out of the box. We even changed out all the heavy and conductive steel components to lighter, stronger, and insulating advanced composites. And they fit so securely, you can even run in them. All Globe boots share the same foundation, but have uppers designed to meet your specific needs and the differing requirements of Structural, Proximity, Technical, and CBRN NFPA Standards.

Proximity_14_2012 PROXIMITY 14” PULL-ON
Structural_SHADOW_retouched SHADOW 14” PULL-ON
12-structural-silo STRUCTURAL 12″
SupraLite_large SUPRALITE 14” PULL-ON
Technical_10-SILO_2012 TECHNICAL 10”

Black Diamond

The Black Diamond Enersole system includes high-density polyurethane midsole, which absorbs energy and cushions walking impact. Next to your foot, a medium density footbed further cushions impact and creates a rebound effect to return walking energy. Contoured for comfort and support, this footbed is lined to absorb perspiration and is removable for drying.

Black-Diamond_16' Black Diamond 16”